About Me

About Me

I'm a Utah girl, born and raised. I'm a small business owner, wife, an educator, a daughter, sister, friend, and most importantly a believer in Christ. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in December of 2019. In the past year I have opened Way Out West Boutique, notice how I didn't say started, there is a reason for this that I'll talk about in a little bit. I also work a Behavior Specialist in the elementary school level. This job has had it's fair share of challenges, but the rewards are awe worthy. 

Now let's talk about when I really "started" Way Out West. Since I was in high school, I dreamed of owning my own boutique. This I suppose was really when it all began. In 2017 I registered my business and got to work. There was not only a lot to learn, but a lot to overcome to step into the world of a business owner, mostly this was fear.

I spent most of 2017 and the first part of 2018 overwhelmed by my fear of not knowing how to start, where to start, or if I should even start. I have to tell you that my best friend, my husband, was the person who gave me the last push of confidence I needed to break into my passion. In the last half of 2018 was when I was able to push past the fear and jump head first into the fire. I started my research, my hunt for products, building a website, and building a support system around me that could help through the down times.

I prepped and prepped and then took the plunge on March 1, 2019 by officially opening Way Out West Boutique to the public! I had never been so nervous. I still to this day have to strive to find the confidence to advertise my company and to reach out to others to collaborate and find interest in my work.

When you buy from my little shop I want you to know you are not just purchasing a new top, you are supporting a dream that I have been building for the past 5 years. You are supporting my little family so we can reach our goals in life. You are doing an act of service and only increasing my faith as well. I know that all of these amazing advances I have seen in my business is due to the blessings from our Father in Heaven.

Thank you for your support, I hope that you will love everything you find here and that you will be blessed for helping build my life and dreams.




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So proud of you! You’re outstanding! Loves!

Tiffany Sorensen

Love it Britt! So proud of you 😉❤️


You are amazing 😍


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