Favorite Amazon Baby Finds After 1 Year of Motherhood

Favorite Amazon Baby Finds After 1 Year of Motherhood

You know your girl here is an Amazon junkie. There is nothing I love more than being able to search up any item I stand in need of, or want of, and have it on my doorstep 2 days later!

I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy on March 23, 2021, so almost a year ago! In that time you know I have tested MANY baby items from Amazon. I have compiled a list of my all time favorites that I truly use on a daily basis. I have so many items to share, so this post is going to focus on Baby Care items that I have used. So if you're a new mama, mama to be, or have plenty of experience and are just looking to see what else is out there stick around! I will also be linking all of these items on my Instagram page @mrsbroncsanddonks.

Create an Amazon Baby Registry HERE to make these items simple to find for those looking for a gift for your sweet little one!

Lets get started!


You can also get these from Walmart, Target, etc. but I love to order from Amazon because of the ease of not needing to leave my house with baby. These wipes are non toxic. Their only ingredients are water and fruit extract for freshness. The best part about these wipes also is how moist they stay. They are thinner that other wipes, but don't let that deter you because they hold up so well, I have never torn one of these wipes to date. It's great for baby's bottom because it is not going to be irritating to their skin. I saw much less redness when I switched to these wipes!


When I used this on Dee I instantly switched over to using it on myself as well! This wash is so soothing and smooth. It honestly makes my skin and baby's skin feel so silky and clean. Honestly have so many good things to say.


This lotion is heaven! It is also a product that I now use on myself. Make sure that it is the ECZEMA THERAPY lotion because it is the best stuff! It is very soothing and moisturizing. I have used this on Delon since he was a newborn. He has never experienced dry skin or conditions like eczema. 


This oil is great for baby hair care. I have used it on Dee's scalp since he was a newborn and I feel like it has made his scalp healthier (great for cradle cap) and his hair so soft. I've used the extra left on my hands as well by massaging it into my postpartum hair loss areas.


This pain reliever is the best out there I believe. It does contain acetaminophen which is great to relive pain and fever, but what I love best are the ingredients. It is not full on artificial junk and dyes. This is what I use with Delon when he spikes a fever and is miserable during teething. We only use it rarely because we have very few hard days. Here is the list of ingredients:


This thing is amazing! I know the popular thing out there right now is the NoseFrida, but it kind of grosses me out. This works better in my opinion. I have used both. This comes with 3 tips, but I usually use the first one pictured. It has 3 different suction levels, plays music, and has fun lights to distract baby. The parts are easy to clean as well. I pair this with the NoseFrida Saline Nose Spray and it works like a charm. I will link the nose spray below. It is a great set up because the spray is gentle enough for a baby but is more effective that drops and easier to give to your baby. I've used other baby nose sprays but felt they had too much pressure for a baby's delicate nose. 



This nail file for baby is so much nicer than nail clippers. It comes with replaceable heads and has a light to better see babies nails. It is gentle and has never cut or injured my baby boy. It makes trimming nails to easy and I don't have the fear of trimming my baby's nails too short or cutting him with clippers.


This is one of my more recent baby finds. I am using this with Dee now that he has two little teeth, but I love that it comes with 2 steps so that you can practice with it before baby gets teeth as well. I will link the non toxic baby toothpaste we are using with him too. I love this option because it is fluoride free and has really clean, gentle ingredients, and is safe if swallowed.



That's all I have on Baby Care items currently. I will do another post later on with new products as we enter into the toddler stage this next year. Thank you for reading and I hope that this post was a help to some of you mamas or mamas to be!


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