Words of an Entrepreneur: Your Tribe

Words of an Entrepreneur: Your Tribe

So you want to start a small business, what kind? Are you selling products, services, entertainment, or maybe all three? Are you just starting to look into a way to cut your own path, work from home, or just wanting more financial freedom? If so the entrepreneurial route could be the way for you, but don’t think it’s just that easy.

Here’s the thing, if you are going to find success in owning and operating a business, you have to be truly and utterly passionate about what you are going to be offering whether this be fashion, health, or art. If you’re not passionate about your product, you will not be able to fake out your audience. 

The people that you are presenting yourself to are going to know if you aren’t being genuine. This will decrease your chances of sales and also of creating a tribe. Your tribe is going to be your rock, your foundation, and your best friends. The people that come into your tribe are going to become your ambassadors. They will trust you and your product and recommend you to their audience. Now you may be questioning how to find your tribe?

First off let me offer some simplicity in the fact that your tribe will find you, mostly. Now you need to put the effort in on your end in order to attract your tribe. We have talked about some ways of doing this through being genuine and passionate about your business and product, but there is another way as well.

That list of people’s emails you have from customers is your new life line. I know email? That’s so 2005! But seriously use it! This is a direct line to your tribe (aka loyal consumers). When you release a new product, line, or restock an item let them know! Your tribe is important!

Heres the thing, your tribe are your returning customers. They are the people who are going to give you hope in your business and keep your head above water, so find them and nurture them! 

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I’ve been looking for some helpful advice on entrepreneurship and you’ve said it all. I’ll definitely be following along and reading your blog posts. Awesome advice!

Harlie Ewell

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