Why I Have Been Using Plexus Products for Over a Year

Why I Have Been Using Plexus Products for Over a Year

Hello my Cactus Babes!

I am coming at you with something different today, but in the choas of everything going on in our world at the moment, I wanted to share what gives me peace of mind when it comes to my health.

I have been a faithful user of Plexus products for over a year now. I started these products as a way to improve my health. I had struggled since I was a child with a weak immune system due to a disease I faced as a child that nearly killed me. I was also facing new health problems such as depression and anxiety. Because of my depression and anxiety I then developed TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. If you have experienced this then you know how painful this can be. I went to the doctors and they told me my only solution would be to have surgery because of the severity of my case. I did not want surgery, especially on my face!

So I started Plexus. I use 7 holy grail products currently. Plexus Slim, Active, Ease, Nerve, Ease Cream, Pro-Bio 5, and Bio Cleanse. I use these because they have SAVED me! Honestly and truly, you know I wouldn't share this if I didn't believe in these products whole heartedly. You can shop them by CLICKING HERE.

I use Plexus Slim because it helps to keep me regular and helps me not to crave so much sugar! I am a sugar junkie, which leaves me feeling gross. But when I am drinking my slim, the cravings aren't even there! 

I use Active because this helps me with energy! I have never found a drink that gave me so much energy but didn't give me the jitters or make me crash when it wears off. Coffee and energy drinks make me jittery and give me headaches, but Plexus Active makes me feel good and gives me natural, even energy.

I use Ease and Nerve for my TMJ symptoms. This relieves all of the inflammation in my jaw and takes away the headaches. It also relaxes me so that I don't clench my jaw when I sleep (aka no mouth guard). 

I use the Ease Cream on my jaw when I have flare ups, but I mostly have it around for when I have aches and pains on any other part of my body. I used it this morning on my shins because I went running and didn't have my sole inserts in my shoes so I got shin splints, but they feel great now!


Finally I use Pro-Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse to help my gut health. This helps keep me regular (if you know what I mean) and helps me to have a healthy gut microbiome. I use these to keep my skin clear because hormonal acne is a b*tch! I also use these products to maintain my weight! I love that I am able to enjoy food and have the energy I want to stay active! SHOP HERE

So there you have it ladies! I promise you need these products. They will change your life for the better and you can start feeling good! No more feeling sick after you eat, no more jittery gross feelings, no more grogginess, no more feeling drained of energy! Here's to feeling happy and healthy again! You can email me if you would like to save more money on these products or leave a comment below with your email! This is a great way to make money from home while getting healthy!


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